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Having sourced from many different companies all over the world over the last 20+ years i would like to think that we are able to confidently help you with all your direct sourcing needs.

Many companies are now looking to get to more of a direct source for their goods as opposed to going through a distributor which has many benefits, normally cost saving being the primary one.


Let us take care of all your sourcing needs from start to finish!

After meeting with you and finding out exactly what your business requirements are we will get to work on finding the best source at the right price and more importantly the right quality!! We will then arrange samples to be provided for your full approval before bringing the product into the company.


We will keep you informed at every stage as we work through the process.


The following products are key items that can be sourced but are NO means exhaustive.


Cotton Products such as Rolls, Pellets, Throat Pack, Gauzes, Eye Pads, Swabs, Absorbent Pads, etc.


Paper Products such as Centrefeed Rolls, Z fold Hand Towels, Couch Rolls, Toilet Rolls, Kitchen Rolls, Facial Tissues & associated items.


Disposable Gloves such as Latex Powder Free, Nitrile, Vinyl, all manufactured to the relevant EN standards.


Infection Control Products such as disinfection Wipes, Sprays, Foams, Aspirator cleaners, Impression cleaners, Waterline decontamination solutions etc.


Disposable Products such as Face Masks, Gowns, Bibs, Tray Lining Paper, Plastic Cups, Syringe Tips, Aspirator Tips & associated items.


As the Dental market is something of a speciality for us then there are many more industry specific items that can be sourced such as Burs, Polishing Cups/Brushes, Instruments, Impression materials etc.


Please use the enquiry form below or above to see how much money we can save you by direct sourcing!!





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